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Why He Won’t Commit: Blog for the Women!

Do you have several pieces of clothing in your closet that you sometimes like and keep “just in case”? Well when a man hangs on but doesn’t want to commit to you this is a similar phenomenon to how you feel about those clothes. He likes spending time with you, enough to keep you hanging on. However, other than a boost to his ego he doesn’t see you as someone he needs to charm or work hard for. Every women should be valued by the man they wish to start a relationship with as his favorite, must have woman. When he values you, he is dreaming of you, hoping to see you soon and worried others will snatch you up first.

Key factors to this is...

  1. This only works when you value yourself

  2. Understand how you feel

  3. Voicing your desires 

  4. Stick to your values 

  5. And....

The most important factor in this specific topic may just be respecting a mans “no”. If he says he doesn’t want to date exclusively, “just see where this goes”, or he doesn’t think you need labels, believe him! He isn’t looking for what you are and that’s ok. You value yourself and your happiness to simply move on. 

Always remember there are more men you can date. What you settle for sets your value in your mans eyes. Pushing to get what you want out of men will only lead to having a giant man child waiting for you to lead the relationship. What woman really wants that? Being a mans second, third or even sixth option is no way to build a fantastic trust filled relationship of a lifetime. 

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