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Start to Move Through

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

A trend has started to address the over use of social media in our daily lives. I couldn’t be happier to see this change happening. People are finally valuing living in the moment, seeing the beauty, and truly listening to one another. However I want to take a different turn on this same topic. Looking not at how we use social media or technology but instead focusing on how we trap ourselves in our memories. Most people see their world through the eyes of what was, clouding our view of what really is happening now.

As an example of this, let’s say you have experience some emotional distress when you were a child. A caregiver would never listen to your thoughts or feelings on any topic. You were expected to be seen and not heard. As you grew up, this lesson became ingrained into the stories you tell yourself about how you must live your life. Now as an adult you make yourself small in the presence of others and struggle to make lasting connections because who you truly are is deeply hidden from everyone. If we aren’t aware that this is a pattern from old behaviors we tend to blame the outside world for our lack of connection, happiness or prosperity. You have the power to shift your perspective on any topic to one of positivity. Let’s say the person from the above example shifted their view of this experience. Now they tell themselves that just because one person didn’t value them that doesn’t mean they are not valuable.

“I am valuable. I am surrounded by others who respect and value the uniqueness that is me. There is only one me! I chose to share my light with others.”

We can’t change other people. But we do control how we choose to view our experiences and how we feel about them. No experience is impossible to overcome. With time and gentleness towards yourself, you are capable of molding your world into anything you want. The past does not have to shape your future. Set yourself free from what was and enjoy the magic of what is.

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