Psychodynamic Approach Based Therapy

Using psychodynamic theory we will be focusing on unconscious processes as they have manifested in the clients present behavior. The goals are in theory simple, find self-awareness and understand the influence ones past has on present behavior.

Individual Therapy Session

Individual Therapy Session - $105

Using the above mentioned theoretical approach and many more (as appropriate for each individual), clients will be given a 45 min session. The focus will be to work to improve select areas that the client desires change or a collaborative plan that will grow and evolve as therapy continues. Like all relationships therapeutic ones can be highly dynamic and limitless. The level of willingness a client brings in is the most important factor for change.

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30 minutes ~ $50

If you are looking for something a little faster and more questions based than typical therapy, or your not sure if therapy is the right first step for you. I offer consultations to help address individual questions you may have. This is not therapy and will not go into emotional regulation related support as much as this is simply a time to ask your questions and get expert insight.

Couples Therapy Session

Couples Therapy Session - $135

Couples Therapy Sessions are 45 minutes long. During each session we will be focused on learning self-awareness, communicating effectively and understand relational dynamics. Addressing any imbalances or limitations the relationship has been experiencing though curious and open minded exploration. It is also important that we work to improve each individual within the couple. Since true change only starts with ourselves first, this is a crucial element to effective couples work.

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