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Start Your Day With Gratitude

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

When it comes to rewiring our mind, to shift out of the negative space, one of the simplest things we all can do daily is to state what we are grateful for. This may seem like an obvious mental exercise. Considering religions around the globe have their followers pray in some fashion or another giving thanks for what they have. This is a concept that is as ancient as it is powerful. Whether you believe in a higher power or not this exercise can shift ones mind with just a few minutes a day.

Now, what is this exercise you ask? Simple... pick a time in your day, ideally everyday at the same time, to list five to ten things your are grateful for. I personally chose the morning and night as I put on and then take off my favorite piece of jewelry. As an added bonus, since my gratitude exercise has this physical reminder even throughout my day I have tons of moments that make me stop and feel how grateful I am for the experiences that happen.

Find what works for you. To make this even easier try to not focus only on the big things to be grateful for. Everyday is filled with moments big and small that help our lives move smoother and with more enjoyment. When a stranger smiles at us, watching someone do a good deed, sunshine, flowers, the perfect song on the radio. It’s all around us. Find what made you happy today with this exercise. You just might feel like you had a much nicer day afterwards.

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